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MoversUp is a well-known company offer mover and packers in service UAE. We ate serving customers for quite some time now. Whether you live in a studio apartment, villa or home, we will move all your belongings safe and sound to the new place. Also, it doesn't matter to us whether you live in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman or in Fujairah, our mover packers UAE services are for all.

The staff we have appointed for this service is trained and know well how every task gets done. At the time you call us for the service till the end of the service, our main focus is too work properly and bring a smile on a client's face. We try our best to work better than the expectation of our customers. As you hire us for the service and tell us the time and date of moving, we make a plan keeping in mind the information you provide us. On the day of moving our team arrive at your door on time. Our workers wear a uniform and have all the necessary tools and other things that are needed for the service. While our team is working at your property, you will not have to reschedule your other tasks. We value time, so we make sure that because of us others time will not get waste too.

To make sure we stay the best packers' movers UAE for the customer, we make sure not to delay the process at any cost and keep the quality high. So, contact us today, if you are looking for the best movers and packers in UAE. We, for sure, will not disappoint you. As our service is available 24/7, you call us. You can even email us your questions at [email protected]

Our mission is one, provide the best service of movers and packers UAE at a reasonable price. In our service, there are no hidden charges. We take all the steps that are needed to serve the customer well.

Household move, packing and workplace relocation facilities all across Dubai and the other area of UAE at competitive rates. Local movers may accommodate moves of any type, like houses, apartments, single-family residences, retirement communities, bedrooms, and more.

We are the professional and one of the best packers and movers Dubai UAE service provide. Our goal is to provide cheap and best packers movers UAE service. Since our company is established, we have served a lot of customers, and all of our clients are satisfied with our service. For us, no job is small or huge. Our only focus is finishing the task as soon as we can, without making any mistake. You can say that we provide fast movers and packers UAE service.

Once we served our customers and see the smile on their face, we feel like we accomplished what we want too. We feel good that we are the reason for someone happiness. Once we leave the property after providing movers and packers service, you don’t have to do anything but to settle in your new property. To recognize as a best global movers' packers UAE, we focus on the following factors:

Affordable Price

For us, it is important to provide service at a reasonable price. At the time contact us for the service, their main concern is whether the price is fixed or not. Also, they want their money didn't go to waste, nor they have to face any financial loss. We assure them that in our presence, it is not going to happen.

24/7 Movers and Packers Service

Our service is available for the customer 365 days a week. We come across many customer's every day, some need the service in weekdays, and some want movers and packers service at weekends. We have options for all, other than that we also provide service on public holidays. The only information we like to give our customers is that price of the service may differ according to the day.

To get to know more about us, dial our number +971 55 330 9201 or email us at [email protected]

Hiring our movers and packers service is beneficial for you in many ways. Such as:

Free Price Estimation

Before hiring a service, many people want to get the price estimation, as it allows them to set the budget. At the time you contact us for the service, you don't have to contact any other company or pay to anyone. We provide free quotes to our customer. Just provide us with the basic details about the move, like the size of the property and the list of stuff you want us to move. You also have to give us the detail of the current property and the property where you want us to move everything. We will provide you with a price estimation within seconds.


The service we provide to the customers is at fixed-rate. So, you don't have to worry that in case of delay happened you will have to pay more. Also, we provide fully insured service, so as our customer, you don't even have to worry about financial loss.

Fast Delivery

At the time people have to move out they want that they settle in the new house as soon they can. It is the reason once we pack all your products, we deliver your products quickly. Whether you want us to deliver your items in Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah or even in Abu Dhabi. We will provide delivery service to you.

24/7 Working Hours

You don’t have to wait to hire our service or wait if you need to talk about something. We work all day long. Our customer staff is always present for the guidance of the service. You can ask any question from them. They will reply back to you within a day.

If you are looking for any other detail, dial our number +971 55 330 9201 or send us an email [email protected]

We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.
  • We provide on-time service. So, you don't have to worry about the delay. We will not disappoint you.
  • You get all the moving service from us under one roof. In which, packing and unpacking service, loading and unloading service, van service and even storage service are included.
  • All the service we provide our fully insured. So, there is no need to take any stress about financial loss.
  • You can make your own package, including the service you are looking for.
  • At the time you book our service, we give you price estimation too for free. Most of the times, the estimation we provide is accurate. It might increase or decrease a bit, but the difference is not much.
  • The vans we have for your service are also maintained. Also, all the vans are properly equipped with all the tools that are needed to keep everything secure.
  • Our van service also comes with the driver. They know about all the routes, so you don't have to worry that something will go missing.
  • Our service is available for you seven days a week. So, contact us at any time of the day. We will respond to your request quickly.
  • If you want us to deliver the products from Dubai to Sharjah or from Sharjah to Fujairah or somewhere else. We will do it for you quickly!

If you are looking for any other detail and send us an email [email protected]



    New home shifting is always a stressful time in everyone’s life. They not only have to make sure everything goes well during shifting, but they also keep up with the regular schedule. To bring easy in the life of the people, we MoversUp provide reliable, fast and trustworthy home shifting services in Dubai. We manage everything for you. Just tell once, what service you want from us and how you want us to work? We follow your commands and will serve you in a perfect manner. The expectation you have from us, we will do a better job than that. We leave the property of the customer once they get satisfied with our work.

    It is rare that people don’t hire home shifting packers and movers. Now they know well hiring professional is beneficial for them. When you hire our company for the service, you able to get all the services under one roof. It is another reason; people call us the best home shifting packers and movers. So, if you are planning to shift home and in search of home shifting service, there is no need to go anywhere else. We will serve you with the best.

    Our Home Shifting Dubai Staff:

     To run a successful moving company, it is important to have a well-trained staff. Because of this, we make sure we not only train our staff properly but also make sure they have a good background. At the time our staff arrive at the customer home for the service, they are in proper uniform. Everyone has the tools of their own. They all know well what they have to do. Our staff work in a coordinated manner that not only them to finish the process smoothly but also, they able to finish work on time.

    One thing you will notice in our staff is that they are always in a good mood. The reason is that they love their job. During their training, we also teach them the right way to treat a customer and the right way to communicate with the customer. So, while our workers are working in your home, if you feel like you have to say something to them or need to know anything, you can talk with them. They will listen to you carefully and do things the way you want.

    Before Home Shifting Services, A Proper Plan Is Made By Us

    Moving is not an easy job, so without a proper plan, it is hard to do a thing in the right way. At the time the client hires us for the service, we make sure to visit the property on our own before a moving day. If not, we examine everything in a moving day. It is an activity that allows us to make a plan.

    Yes, the customer provides all the information to us at the time of booking. But other than that, there are many other things that we need to know, such as:

    • There are few things that cannot fit in the van or move as a whole. It is not possible for the customer to tell us about it. We make a list of the products that need to get dismantle, so we move them easily.
    • The list or fragile items are also made by us during the visit.
    • At the time we visit the property, we able to measure the doors, staircase and hallways of the house. It also helps a lot during a moving a day, as we are able to make strategies if something is huge and hard to get through the door.

    The list made by us during the visit is also beneficial, as it allows us to make sure nothing left behind or went missing while packing or loading and unloading. At the time we visit the property, to make a plan, we come to know how much packing material is needed to pack everything. Also, which van size is enough to move all the things safely.

    Safe And Secure Packing Of All The Items:

    Many of the things get damage and other accidents at the time of packing products. At the time you hire professional for home shifting services in Abu Dhabi, the chance of an accident is fewer. At the time we arrive at the location to serve the customer, our workers do a small meeting with the client. It allows us to share our plan with the client, and we also able to know whether the client is satisfied with our plan or not. If not, how they want us to work? Once we got clarification about it, we start to work.

    Home Shifting Transport: 

    It is important to have the right transport to move all the things safely and quickly from one place to another. The moving vans we use to transport the luggage are maintained. We keep our moving fleet up to date. The vans that are old, we replace them with the new ones. We make sure that every van we have, have basic tools. Also, in our vans, GPS is installed. So, even if the location of your house is somewhere far, our drivers will not face any problem finding it.

    If all the things are placed by the client in one room, a job become a little easy for us. But if everything is in a separate room, then we start to pack things room by room. We also keep the list of all the things in front of us. Once we pack an item properly and place it in the boxes, we mark that item on the list. It allows us to remember what is left and what we have to do? Even if the customer hires us for emergency service, still we like to work on a standard pace during packing. As we don’t want to upset the customer by damaging their products. Lastly, at the time we pack the products and place them in the boxes, we mark the boxes. So, we able to know what is inside and even customer don’t take unpacking service from us; they don’t feel difficulty, figuring out what they need on an urgent basis and what not?

    House Luggage Shifting Service / Loading And Unlading: 

    The time we have to load all the things in the van, the marking on the boxes helps us a lot. It helps the workers at the time they have to place things inside the van. Never think, even if everything is packed properly, you can place fragile items boxes under the other boxes. Our worker makes sure not to make such a mistake. Also, at the time, our worker brings everything to the van; they work smart and use trollies to move things. The only time our team lift the products when the stairs are in the way.

    Few House Shifting Tips For Our Customers: 

    Even if you hire a professional for the home shifting Sharjah service, there are few things the client has to do on their own. By following those tips, you can stay save from the stress.

    Benefits Of Hiring Our Service: We like to tell our customers that at the time they hire us for the service, there is no way that they have to regret later. We make sure to serve the customer in the best possible way. The things we promise to our customers are:

    On-Time Service:

     There are people who hire us for an emergency moving service, and there are some who hire us to who give us a week or two to handle the process. In both cases, we try our best to finish the work as soon as we can. Even if the client gives us the time of the month, still our staff didn’t show any laziness at the time they are working on the property. The soon we finish each task, the more time we get to make sure everything is going in the right direction. So, at the time you hire us, you don’t need to worry about the delay.

    Save Your Time: 

    We know well the customers don’t have enough time to handle the process on their own. They have to focus on their jobs and other matters related to the new house. They sometimes don’t have enough time to notice whether the company is working fine or not. Still, sometimes they have to find a little time, as they are not able to trust the professionals. We like to tell our customers that they can trust us 100%. We will not give you any chance of complaint, nor we will do any harm to your property.

    Cost-Effective Service: 

    Those who think that hiring a professional company is the waste of money, we like to tell them that try us for once. We will, for sure change perception, as we offer service at a reasonable price. The amount you may spend on the moving process by doing it on your own, we will charge even fewer. The reason we able to do this because we don’t have to hire a van from any other company. We don’t have to get the packaging material for someone else. We have a practice in packing things, loading them into the van and so on. The chances that something will get damage eliminates 99.9%. Also, we don’t have to buy tools, as we have them already, and we use them on a regular basis.

    We Keep You Away from Danger: 

    The moving process is quite dangerous. Many points come during the process when there is a chance of getting injured. At the time you hire us for the service, you don’t have to worried about anything. We never indulge our clients in the process. We make sure; even if they were watching us, they stand at a safe distance. Of course, there is a chance that our workers get injured too, but quite a little. Also, we provide the basic gear that keeps them safe from bad injuries.

    Enjoy Insured Service from Us: 

    At the time you handle everything on your own, if something breaks, you have to pay for it on your own. In other words, you face financial loss. But at the time you hire us for the service, we take away this worry of yours too. All the moving services we offer are insured. During packing of the products or at the time of loading or any other time, if something breaks, we will cover the financial loss.

    Once you hire house luggage movers, make sure they provide the service you need.

    At the time you are giving them information about everything to the company, don’t miss anything. If you feel like you may forget something, write it down on the paper. Only then the company able to tell you the right price of the service. It is better if you separate all the things you want the professionals to pack and which you don’t want. In this way the chance things went missing will end. Also, the professional able to finish the job quickly, as they will not get confused.

    Never hire the company who didn’t offer service at a fixed price. Mainly, when you know, the whole process will take more than a day or two. At the time you book the service, make sure the company tell you charges as a whole. You don’t like the fact that later company demand extra money from you, by giving the reason you don’t like to hear.

    Moving is a time taking and difficult task. A person needs to manage multiple things at a time; it is the reason they prefer to hire house movers and packer in Dubai. Here no company is better than MoversUp, as we have served many in the past and still helping people in relocation. Our job is to make shifting easy and stress-free for the customer. You can even check our reviews to find out about our past performances, as we are proud to say all were successful moves.

    Before hiring us for the mover, you can get free quotes from us. The prices estimation we tell is almost accurate most of the times. Also, once you book our service, we keep everything transparent from the beginning to the end. Our team treat all your belongings with great care and make sure nothing will get damaged even a little bit. For us, quality and the right approach to do the task matter a lot. It is the only way to finish the whole process smoothly.

    Also, it doesn’t matter whether the relocation process is small or huge. Our staff is well-trained and polite. You can discuss or ask anything from them related to move. We are committed to doing this job, and it is the main reason people know us as the best house movers and packers in Dubai.

    We are one of the trustworthy house movers in Dubai, serving people for past many years. Our dedication towards the work makes us better than the other moving firms. Also, our moving rates separate us from others too. Our price is reasonable and depends on the moving services you take from us. You can even ask our representative to break down the house moving cost; they will. Also, our home relocation charges are fixed. They stay the same till the end of the service and even if a delay occurs due to our mistake, which never happened in the past, you don’t have to worry.

    Also, we prefer to keep things crystal clear from the beginning. We have an idea that clients don’t know much about the relocation process, and as professional house movers and packers in Dubai, it is our duty to guide them. So, from the beginning, we made the plan till the end, we explain everything to you. If you were not able to understand something, ask about it in the middle of the process, we would not mind.

    We provide all sorts of residential moving services. from pre-moving survey to the plan of the move, packing, unpacking, furniture assembly disassembly, loading, unlading, van service, storage service and other tasks. The packing material needed for the move is also arranged by us. in short, we do everything for the client. In our presence, you don’t have to do anything. You can focus on the tasks that need your attention and important, let us handle relocation for you.

    Hiring us as your house packers and mover in Dubai will benefit you in many ways, such as:


    Stress-free mover and save time

    The moving brings a lot of stress because of the tasks a person needs to manage. Those who have zero ideas about the process make blunders that cost them a lot. Once you hand over the responsibility to us, we take away all you stress, as we plan and do everything. Moreover, we offer insured service, which helps a lot in making client stress free.

    Also, our team is expert and trained, so they able to finish the task properly and quickly. The task you might finish in a day, we do it in a few hours. So, hiring us will save your quality time, and you can spend that time doing something more productive.

    Keep you safe from injuries

    The shifting of a whole house is not simple. There are so many heavy things that you have to move and load in a van and later unload and set it at right spot. A lot of strength and right technique is needed here; otherwise, a person can get injured pretty bad. Once you hire best house movers and packers in Dubai, the chance of getting injured end. Our team perform each task on their own. They use the right equipment’s and techniques to move heavy items. If you want you can watch them from the safe distance.

    Punctual and efficient

    • Delay is not an option for anyone during a move. It is the reason people put their trust in professional house movers and packers in Dubai. We never disappoint our customers and try to best to finish the whole relocation process before time.
    • We don’t have specific packages options for the customer, as we leave this job on our respected customers. Make a customized package on your own considering your needs and budget. Our job as best house movers in Dubai is to serve you only.
    • We are also known as cheap house movers in Dubai as our service charges are better than other companies. We keep an eye on our competitors to maintain better rates.
    • Our house moving service is free from hidden charges. The price is fixed. During the booking the price we say to the customer is final. It stays the same till the end of the service.
    • We provide easy payment options to the customers. You can make payments through debit card or credit card, according to your ease.
    • Our service is available for you every day of the week and even on public holidays. Also, the timings are flexible. So, get our service at time or date that is suitable for you.
    • The booking process for our service is quite simple too. You can book our service online within no time. Once the booking is made, you even receive a confirmation email, which you can say work as a contract.

    For any queries, our customer care staff is also available for you 24/7. You can even do a live chat with them.

    Moving house is not an easy task. It is not a matter of driving down the road and just walking into the new house. There are many things to be done and completed before moving day. So, for this you need to contact movers and packer in Dubai, Company that can make things easier for you. As far as their services are concerned, they provide quality services at the best price. You will never regret having hired their services.

    How To Choose House Moving And Packing Company In Dubai?

    As a professional team of house movers and packers in Dubai understand the importance and value of your possessions. House movers in Dubai are equipped with proper relocation packing supplies for your comfort. Moreover, they have the trust of the customer by providing the most praiseworthy moving services in this area. Their trained staffs are experts in their field and they take care of every minute detail.

    • House moving in Dubai might sometimes turn out to be tedious and tiring. So, for this reason, you must hire a Dubai moving and packing company that provides the best quality relocation services at the most affordable price. They take care of the entire relocation process including packing, loading, transporting, unpacking, re-arranging and re-undertaking of shifting.
    • House movers in Dubai have modern facilities like refrigerators, overhead racks, dryers, microwaves, dishwashers, ACs, ovens, plumbing etc. There are also well-maintained vehicles with the latest equipment for loading/unloading and with the latest safety features for the safety of both the goods and the personnel. The services of the Dubai house movers and packers are available at different price rates depending upon the type of goods and the amount of luggage. Some of the common services offered by the house movers in Dubai include house shifting, furnishing or construction, car shifting, commercial moving, furniture moving, office moving, personal belongings moving, pet moving, short distance shifting and local moving. All the services are provided under one roof so that there is no question of confusion.

    Choosing A Right Moving Company in Dubai

    While choosing a moving company in Dubai, you should keep some points in mind like whether they are experienced in packing and moving, whether the process is simple, whether the insurance policy is available with them and whether they provide free home delivery. They should have twenty-four-hour customer services support so that you can clarify any doubts. Most of the moving companies in Dubai have tie-ups with other reputed moving companies in Dubai. So, you should enquire about this before hiring.

    Expert Movers And Packers in Dubai

    Moving experts in Dubai are well versed with the regulations regarding emirate laws and rules related to property laws. They will make certain that the regulations are followed and the belongings moved to the new house in a proper and orderly manner. House movers in Dubai can be hired by keeping certain things in mind like if you are shifting for just a few individuals, three people, or a large group, how many vehicles are required if there are any restrictions on the type of goods that can be taken and so on. You can consult a professional for more details.

    Affordable House Shifting Company In Dubai

    Highly reliable and efficient house movers can help you move your goods safely and quickly. So, it’s important to choose a reputable and experienced company like MoversUp, which has a great history of moving hundreds of users to Dubai. The benefit includes and can be provided at any time of the day. To avoid damage or loss, please ensure that items are not exposed to extreme temperatures and that they are protected from sharp objects.

    MoversUp is one of the best house shifting companies in Dubai that have a lot of experience in moving things, goods and materials. They provide moving and packing services from Dubai to all UAE’s, which means there will be no need for paperwork or papers before the shipping begins. They will pack up your belongings, move them to the new location, and then transport and arrange the transportation of them to the new location. It helps you with time, money and effort.

    It depends on, what you need? but it can be done quickly. They provide two-day or one-day delivery service. This depends on, how fast you need to pack and how big the items are. If you move one-bedroom or two-bedroom house, you can book a one-day moving company service. For larger loads, you can go to a two-day moving company. How important is the time limit?

    MoversUp also provides packaging services. They will pack your house furniture and other important household items in such a way that the journey will be safe. They will use special craft boxes made strong and durable. So, you don’t have to complain that anything inside your box will be damaged as you move from one place to another.

    When looking for a moving company in Dubai, UAE, it is very important to find out whether or not they have 24/7 customer support. Also, ensure that they have the necessary insurance cover to protect the client’s belongings. MoversUp has the expertise to pack things professionally in order to avoid any damage during the move.

    MovrsUp has many ways to move items. They can use small trucks that rent or ship cars. They can use trains and ships to transport their belongings. Depending on the importance and nature of the item, different modes of transport are suitable. MoversUp has relations with other companies that provide packing and moving services at a lower cost. Find the best company offering the best moving solutions at a lower cost.

    Planning to move into a new house but, do not know where to start?

     We, at MoversUp, the best movers and packers in Dubai are here to help you out. We offer the best moving and packing services to our customers. Shifting, relocating, packing, and moving are the key services that are offered. Relocating is quite a big decision and it requires a lot of effort from the very first step of searching for a reasonable place to finally shift there. House is the only place where everyone wants comfort only. That is why a lot of effort and serious hard work is put into making and decorating a house. ss

    Similarly, to shift from one place to another is quite a big deal. MoversUp, being the house movers in Dubai, provides the best and the most affordable services to let you move and shift as easily as possible. All the services are offered at your doorstep at one call only. We take all your worries about moving and shifting and provide you with the best services. Taking our services can save your time, effort, energy, and will let you enjoy your house moving process.

    MoversUp is working worldwide to help you out and to make your house moving process as easy, comfortable, memorable, and relaxing as it could be. Our well-trained staff, professional behavior, and affordable rates help you move from one place to another hassle-free. We will take all your worries and you will enjoy your house moving process for sure.

    How Do We Work?

    MoversUp is the best house movers in Dubai that follow a complete and thorough procedure of moving your houses in a professional yet care-worthy way. We have an appropriate system of moving services that consist of the following steps.

    1. Evaluating and Packaging
    2. Using the best quality material for packing
    3. Transporting all the assets from one place to another.
    4. Transforming your houses into homes.
    5. Leaving you with the best moving services.

    Evaluating and Packaging

    First of all, the place where you are moving is visited to analyze and examined to take notes with accurate measurements of corner and place. This is how we estimate how to disassemble, pack, and move all objects from old to a new place safely and securely.

    Afterward, the packing process starts with the help of professional house movers and packers in Dubai. All the crew members of MoversUp come to your place to take charge. All the staff is divided into two different portions: soft and hard items.

    Soft Packing Stuff

    Soft items include all wearable and non-wearable clothes, jewelry, delicate decorative pieces, and precious ornaments. All the soft items are packed in soft bubble sheets and other sponges to keep them safe and secure while moving.

    Hard Packing Stuff

    The first part of hard items starts with disassembling furniture and electronic appliances. Furniture disassembling is a tricky task because it requires effort and alertness as you do not want to scratch the wallpapers, wall paints, or the furniture itself. Moreover, all the broken or damaged yet repairable parts are repaired as well to reduce extra expenditures. Afterward, only those items are kept that can be easily fixed at the new place. This is why measurements are taken in the new house to estimate all these things.

    The next step is to pack all the removable home appliances. All these items are packed in their relevant boxes along with wires and switches. Other hard items are packed in cartons as well. Proper tags are mentioned at the sides of all boxes and cartons to avoid mixing and misplacing. Tagging also helps the best House movers in Dubai to keep things accordingly while carrying them in vehicles.

    The House Movers Responsible for Packing your Belongings Safely

    MoversUp is one of the best moving companies. We are professional movers and packers in Dubai. We pack all your belongings with utmost safety because we use the best available packing material to avoid any damage or inconvenience while shifting. We use different kinds of packing materials for relevant goods that include:

    • Brown Papers
    • Bubble Sheets
    • Sponges
    • Wooden Boxes
    • Cartons

    For all the soft items we use soft sponges and bubble sheets to enroll them and then we put them in heavily protected boxes to control damage while carrying in carts.

    All the disassembled parts of furniture and other wooden goods are kept in appropriate boxes so there are fewer chances of losing them while moving. For packing home appliances, we use cartons and fix every piece in them. All this is to protect and keep every belonging secure with care and to provide you with the best services.

    Packing all the stuff is a very important task. If you fail to pack appropriately then everything else would be useless. That is why we put utmost attention towards packing the stuff. Everything begins with packing. We use top-quality materials, boxes, and cartons to pack things safely and securely. Good packing will never damage or ruin any of your belongings. And, it will be easy and comfortable to move things as well.

    How We Transport?

    MoversUp provides the best house moving and shifting services in Dubai. We do not just focus on the packing of all the household stuff but, we pay utmost attention to the transportation as well. We have high-tech and advanced vehicles that make the entire process of moving quick and easy.

    Carrying completely packed household stuff with safety is our top priority. We ensure safe delivery with minimal damage if any. That is why we have the best transporting vehicles. We carry all the stuff from one place to another with the help of our trained staff members under protection and security. So, nothing can be misplaced or damaged at any cost.

    As we deliver all the stuff to your new house, we start working on its transformation into a beautiful and comfortable house for you. MoversUp with house movers in Dubai marina, work day and night to settle down and assemble all the household stuff into its place as quickly as possible. We décor your houses like professionals yet we own those houses like ours to work more efficiently.

    Our crew arranges each and everything decoratively into relevant places just as you wants and thus the whole house is arranged amazingly. Our workers put their blood and sweat into their work to bring the best out of what is demanded. Clothes are hanged in wardrobes, furniture is assembled and fixed, home appliances are put into their relevant places, decoration pieces and ornaments are set as instructed, and a new completely beautiful, and the stunning house is handed over to you without any hassle and worries.

    Why We Are Better?

    MoversUp is ranked among the number one house shifting companies around the globe. There are many reasons that prove our services to be the best among all.

    • We have a complete professional system of working and operating with our clients.
    • We consider our clients our top priority and serves with the best, top-class, professional, and sincere services.
    • We take your homes like ours and focus on what you want and what is better for your house.
    • We listen to our customers. This is the one quality that no one can beat.
    • We arrange sittings with our customers to discuss every detail about their houses.
    • We discuss serving you with the out-class performance and to assure your convenience as it is your house and you are going to live in that.
    • We never impose our rules and regulations upon our clients.
    • We provide flexible services and charges for our client’s satisfaction.

    Why To Choose Us?

    There are many moving companies around the globe. But, MoversUp is the top-rated company that provides house shifting services in Dubai. Yes, there are many options available in the market to pick but, we offer the best services without any doubt. There are many reasons discussed below that will help you decide why to choose us.

    Professional Movers

    MoversUp has professional movers and packers in Dubai to work with. Professionalism is our top priority. We never compromise over performance. We train our staff before-hand to avoid any inconvenience in any case. House moving is not an easy job as it requires a lot of time, effort, energy, and hard work. Taking irresponsible people into your house would be a big risk. You would never want to ruin your household items at any cost. That is why we are here to help you move wherever you want.

    Moreover, many house moving companies just take your stuff and shift it from one place to another. But we help you both ways. We pack and move your stuff at the old place, shift and move it with utmost care and efficiency, and then help you out setting that to your new place as well. We stay with you until your house is completely arranged and settled.

    Well Trained Staff

    MoversUp serves you with top-quality house shifting services in Dubai. We have a complete procedure for hiring our staff. We never compromise on performance. After hiring experienced staff, we train them according to our rules and regulations. We assure real-time effort and performance.

    We train our staff how to pack, move, and shift everything accordingly. Handling clients’ goods with care and proficiency is an art and pure professionalism. That is why we focus on these requirements. Trained, proficient, and most hard-working staff is our guaranty.

    Most Affordable

    MoversUp has affordable house shifting charges in Dubai. We do complete sitting sessions with our customers to discuss all expenses and budgets of our clients. This is done to provide our customers with whatever they want under their affordable budget. We always try to keep our clients happy and satisfied with our support and help.

    Our customer care support system is always available on our website. So, you can reach us anytime and book our services. Professionalism, sincerity, and pure hard work are our responsibility. Our clients, who have taken our services, have their positive reviews that you can check on our website.

    Customer Care and Support

    MoversUp is considered a top-rated house moving company in Dubai. There are many reasons behind it. One of those reasons is our well-trained customer care and support system. As you reach us to book our services, our help and support desk takes you upper-handed and listens to your needs and requirements. We discuss every detail with you to know what do you want and then plan our services accordingly.

    We are available twenty-four hours at our website. You just have to visit our website and contact us. Rest is our job from taking your bookings to planning your house moving strategies. We take care of everything with thorough proficiency and support.

    Save Time and Energy

    Moving houses is not an easy job. It requires a lot of time, energy, effort, and hard work. Moreover, packing everything proficiently is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most people have no idea how to pack things at all. That is why MoversUp offers the best house moving services at your doorstep. We work to save your time, energy, effort, and hard work. So, you can enjoy your house moving process instead of getting panic and anxious.

    We work just as you want under your instructions and guidance. But, we add in our expertise, proficiency, hard work, and effort to make the house moving as easy and comfortable as possible. We make your house moving moments memorable by taking all your worries and saving your time. You can record this whole process as well to keep it memorable.

    How To Reach Us?

    Reaching us or taking our services is no big deal. You just have to follow a few quick steps to reach us.

    • You just have to visit our website MoversUp.com and contact us.
    • MoversUp, being the best packers and movers in Dubai, has a complete customer care center where you can contact our representative and take support.
    • The customer care department takes the complete information about you, the place you are currently living, and the place where you want to shift.
    • Then we ask about your affordable budget as well.
    • We book your appointment at an available date. Afterward, our representative has a detailed session with you to discuss what, how, and when do you want to move.
    • We take all information to help you out in better ways.

    So, this is the easiest way to reach us. You just have to visit our website and contact our customer care representative. That’s it. It is as easy as anything else could be. Rest is our job to deliver you with the best house moving services.

    Congratulations on your new house! Although moving into a new home can be exciting, it can also present its own challenges. There are many things to remember when moving in Dubai.

    MoversUp understands what it takes for a seamless transition to your new home. Here are some last-minute tips to make moving day easier for you and your family. MoversUp has nearly 6 years of experience in moving. Each Step.

    Are you not ready to move in? MoversUp provides storage services that are flexible enough to accommodate unique moving situations.

    Prepared for Move in Day Checklist

    These are the steps you should take before moving into your new house:

    1. You should ensure that utilities are properly set up. You will feel more at home in your new home.
    2. Before the movers arrive, clean your home from top to bottom. You will have a clean slate and can simply unpack your belongings. We understand that you may not have the time or energy to clean your new home. There are many things going on during move in day.
    3. Make sure you update your mailing address to ensure that your mail is being sent to your new address. Update the following: bank accounts and community memberships, home or lawn services, subscriptions, Internal Revenue Service and Veterans Affairs, Medicaid, Medicare offices, medical records and voter registrations.
    4. Consider the benefits of installing a home security system before you move in. You might also want to change the locks in your new home for added security.
    5. Even if you only have a sketch, make a plan of where your furniture will be placed. This will help you save time and effort when moving furniture, yourself.
    6. Discuss item placement with your professional movers in Sharjah and any other details that you need to know about your new home.
    7. Two people should be present at your new house on the move-in day if possible. The one person who can unload your inventory and tell the movers where to place it can do the job.
    8. If you have children under 5, consider hiring a babysitter to take care of your pets.

    Welcome Your Movers to Your New Home

    You are welcome to invite your friends and family, whether or not you have hired professional movers. You can give them any information you need about your property and discuss any concerns you have about the move.

    MoversUp will make arrangements for your moving company to meet you at your new address at a time and location that is convenient for you.

    On the day of delivery, the van operator or one of the crew members will call you and/or visit your home if necessary. MoversUp will not accept your belongings if you or a representative are unable to meet the standard MoversUp waiting time (generally up to two hours). More information can be obtained from your relocation consultant. You have the option to request more time (at an additional cost).

    If you are unable to attend, you can authorize someone to take delivery.

    Ask any questions you may have about your moving services to your coordinator.

    It’s time to move in!

    Hire professional Dubai movers to do the heavy lifting.

    Inspect your household goods as soon as they arrive. Any damage should be reported to your representative or move coordinator as soon as possible. Take note of any differences in the condition of your property from the condition noted by the movers at loading. By signing, you acknowledge receipt of the inventory and its condition.

    Each piece of furniture will be delivered unloaded in accordance with your specifications. This includes putting down rugs and reassembling beds that were disassembled at the origin. If you need your mattresses or appliances unpacked, your move coordinator will assist you in arranging additional moving or third-party services.

    Keep all moving documents in a safe place. If you’re handling the relocation yourself, make sure you have enough manpower, supplies, and water.

    Before you send your Movers on their way, double-check the inventory

    Ask your moving crew to sweep the van once more for any items. Then, say thank you to the movers and get on with the packing.

    Check all delivered boxes for damage. You can ensure that your move went smoothly by inspecting your boxes and making sure nothing was damaged. MoversUp offers move insurance in the event that your belongings are damaged during a MoversUp move.

    MoversUp has completed your relocation. The time has come to file a claim. We don’t always plan for the unexpected, and items can become lost or damaged as a result. If this occurs, you can file a claim online.

    Before you begin your claim, take a photo of the damaged item and a description of what happened to it. Make a note of your order number.

    Take a look at your utilities

    Check that your HVAC, water, and electricity are all functioning properly. Make sure to test your smoke detectors as well as your breaker box. You can’t wait for cable and internet!

    Get started with unpacking your “Open First” boxes

    You should now take the box(es) you set aside for travel. These items are required for unpacking, cleaning, and hygienic purposes. We recommend bringing a “first-night” box to help you settle into your new home quickly.

    If you’re moving with pets or children, it’s critical to plan ahead of time for your first night’s lodging. After a long day of work, everyone involved in the move will be exhausted and hungry. By organising and packing your personal and household items separately, you can significantly reduce your stress levels.

    You can take this box with you or ask the movers to move it.

    Large furniture can be reassembled

    Large furniture pieces will need to be assembled as part of the unpacking process. This makes you feel more at ease in your new surroundings. Begin with the bedrooms for easy unpacking and setup. Check that all furniture and boxes are in their proper rooms. It’s critical to have your bed ready for your first night after a long day of packing and moving.

    Baby-Proof and Pet proof Your New Home

    Make sure you are prepared to introduce your pets and children to their new homes. These checklists will give you the assurance you need to ensure a smooth transition.

    • Moving with your kids
    • Pets and Moving

    Get rid of all the boxes and make your home your own

    This is the first thing you should do. However, it will take time. Begin by unpacking the rooms you will use the most frequently. Next, unpack any items you know you’ll need right away, such as dishes, toiletries, and clothes. Install your shower curtain(s) in the bathroom next.

    Children can assist with unpacking and room setup. Provide them with bins, shelves, and containers to help them organise their belongings.

    Unpack only a small amount at a time to avoid becoming overwhelmed. You can also use this time to do a second round of decluttering while you’re unpacking. Donate, donate, or sell any items you no longer require. You do not need to go to the dump. Instead, consider using a debris collection service to dispose of unwanted and unnecessary materials.

    Be aware that many moving companies charge a fee for additional services such as electronics installation.

    Consider hiring an unpacking service to save time. MoversUp’s unpacking services can assist you in organising so that you can concentrate on the important things, such as moving into your new home.

    Stock your home with essentials

    During your first week in your new home, you can pick up or have groceries and/or personal products delivered. If you don’t feel like cooking, keep the phone numbers of nearby restaurants handy for delivery or pickup. Check your address again for future mail and deliveries.

    Enjoy your First Night at Home

    It’s time to unwind and settle into your new home. This evening is a great time to start a new tradition or simply explore all the nooks and crannies in your new home.

    These are additional tips to help you settle into your neighborhood and home in the first week, and for weeks to follow:

    • Introduce yourself to your neighbors
    • Host a housewarming celebration
    • Playdates can be set up for your children
    • Make a maintenance and repair checklist
    • Measure and decide what furniture you will need.
    • Explore your new neighbourhood and city
    • Ask for recommendations about the best local restaurants, businesses, and services.
    • Leave a review online for your moving company
    • Participate in your community

    MoversUp will help you navigate the move from your old home to your new one. Click here for more moving tips and checklists.

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