Frequently Asked Questions

Once you let us know at least 48 hours before your planned booking, there will be no cancellation costs. If you cancel on the move day itself, unfortunately, we can not make refunds because the teams are deployed and face significant idle and opportunity costs.

Sure, indeed! Let us know at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled booking. If you reschedule on the day of your move, the cancelation charges would include Base Rate + AED250.

Yes! Yes! We would like to offer as much warmth as we can!

Yeah! Yeah! We would like to bring as much comfort as possible!

We've signed up with a lot of corporate clients around the world! Your company might be one of them, so you may verify with our Customer Service department.

It may! Give us a image or a photo of the things to be transferred.

Yeah! Yeah! We 're more than happy to do that! With your quotation offer, we want you to be confident.

We know that you're really tired! And we've built an online CBM simulator with a collection of home content-so you only need to select and send it at your convenience. You can give us pictures, too! On confirmation of your order, a link to the survey will be given on the registration tab, along with a registration email.

Well, nice point! It'll-if the gap is more than 40 km.

We have system-generated quotes that measure moving time, approximate number of vehicles, helpers, and installers.

A word of caution: big things are going to be carried around.

Sure, we will require more energy to push, and there would be extra labour charges to help the physical moving of your home materials. Rates should be checked by Customer Support depending on the quantity of the home material.

If you're going to move 2 floors up or 2 floors down, then our guys would be more than happy to take it to you! Any additional floors for manual removal will require additional work allowance and charges that can be confirmed by Customer Care.

Yes, we 're going to connect your washing machine and refrigerator

Yeah, indeed. You'll see them sporting a MoversUp Blue, Red and Black Color T-shirt with the MoversUp emblem.

We 're using covers, stretch paper, corrugated sheets, edge protectors, bubble wraps for your delicate objects, dvds, and crates.

We should do it! Help us and always check in advance with your building / community security if they allow move-ins later in the day. Most communities do not allow late moves and have time restrictions on the use of installation or wall drilling tools that can be noisy and inconvenient for your neighbors.

Yes , sure. All the truces required for the transfer are insured.

You should book at 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM. If you move the Studio Unit, you can also book at 2:00 PM

Moving teams are incredibly vigilant regarding the products and home materials. However, on a rare instance where anything is destroyed, we communicate with the repair or substitute teams as being fair.

Yes, Yes, if you book a Preferred Package that is insurable. You should get in contact with our Customer Service department for more information.

The budget and standard home moving crew work well with each other and have completed multiple jobs together, so that they have good team skills. The communication skills with the customer are essential and they can take basic instructions. For any unique requests or out of reach jobs, please contact MoversUp Customer Service. Premium roles come with a committed team member who will address your unique consumer needs.

Yeah, they've completed extensive manual care and health instruction. We also ensure that they are well documented and have the paperwork required in accordance with local regulations.

The team member oversees and works with the helpers and installers, and could even be one of the professional installers and helpers or the driver.

Yes , Yes! We can share this with you on request. You may need it to apply for your permit.

Often when clients move within the same building, they don't need trucks, but sometimes longer drag-and - drop distances make use of trucks necessary. This can be confirmed for you by Customer Care.

Yes, we can deliver up to 5 medium boxes to our standard and premium users in advance of the day of travel. Additional boxes can be purchased on the basis of the following tariffs and delivery charges of AED 45: Medium boxes – 45x45x45 cms – AED 6 per box Large boxes – 45x45x70 cms – AED 8 per box No delivery charges will be imposed for standard and premium jobs if additional boxes are delivered along with scheduled box delivery.

Below are the minimum number of staff deployments to a home moving job.

 Apartment SizeBudget Move PackageStandard or Premium
Studio2 Helpers + 1 Installer2 Helpers + 1 Installer
1 Bedroom2 Helpers + 1 Installer3 Helpers + 1 Installer
2 Bedroom5 Helpers + 1 Installer7 Helpers + 1 Installer
3 Bedroom6 Helpers + 2 Installers7 Helpers + 2 Installers
4 Bedroom8 Helpers + 2 Installers10 Helpers + 2 Installers
5 Bedroom10 Helpers +2 Installers13 Helpers +2 Installers

Studio – 4-8 Hours, 1 Bedroom – 6-10 Hours, 2 Bedroom – 8-12 Hours, 3 Bedroom – 1-2 Days, 4 Bedroom – 1-2 Days, 5 Bedroom – 2-3 Days

We offer open body truks in our Budget Move package and closed body truks when you book Premium Move Package Standard.

Yeah sure! All loose items are packaged and unpacked in both Standard Package and Premium Package.
If you just need help with big things like furniture, etc., then our budget package is good for you.
Yes , Off courses! We 're reassembling all of your furniture that we've moved.
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