Commercial Equipment Movers and Packers in Dubai

Best Commercial Equipment Movers and Packers in Dubai, UAE

There is a vast difference between a commercial move and residential move. It is better to hire a company who has experience in giving commercial moving services. If you are the one looking for commercial movers, we MoversUp is the right option for you. We will provide you with the best office moving service. We will do everything for you, in which packing, safe loading of all the products and on-time transportation of the products is included.

We know well that no one likes to bear losses in a business. It is the reason at the time they looked for commercial movers near me, they didn’t want to make any mistake. At the time you will hire us for the service, we will not give you any chance of complaints. We follow the guidelines; you give us work and will make sure the process ends smoothly. Moreover, it is not possible for a customer to shut down the business for a long time. They want to contact a company who offers emergency service. When you hire us for the service, we assure you that we will provide on-time service to you.

Commercial Movers Services:

Safe Transportation Of All The Products

We are the best commercial movers, so at the time you hire us for the service you don’t have to worry that any of your products will get damaged during a move. If anything happens at the time of transportation, we will take responsibility, keeping in mind the company policy. For us, it is not a problem to deliver all your stuff anywhere in Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah or anywhere else. Our driver knows all the routes around; also, the GPS is installed in all vans. You can also keep an eye on the driver, sitting in your home. Also, all our vans are fully equipped with other tools too, like straps that are needed to tie the boxes. Moreover, in the van trollies are also present that help us to take heavy things from one place to another quickly without facing any issue. 

Keep A Record Of All The Products

We know that everything in the office is important, whether it is a sofa or files. So, we made sure that nothing went missing or got damaged. At the time of packing all the products, we make a list and keep a record of them. It allows us to see whether everything is loaded in the van or not. The record stays with us till the end of the service, and we also share it with you. 

Dismantling Of Furniture If Needed

There are times when it is not easy to move the furniture in one piece, like sofas and tables. To move them, we use modern tools to dismantle them. There is no need for you to worry that after dismantling, their age will reduce. Once we assemble them back in your new office, it will work the same as it was before, and also serve you for the long term. Here one thing we also like to clarify is that all the tools we used are arranged by us. You don’t have to buy it for us. 

Short Term And Long-Term Storage Facility Are Available

There are times when the client doesn’t want to take all the things with them in the new office. They want to store a few things in the storage unit for some time. If you want to do the same or you want to store things for a long time, still contact us. We provide this facility to our customers. We assure you that all the stuff you need to store there will stay safe. The cameras are installed in every corner of the storage units. A person monitors them 24/7. Also, the storage units are clean from inside. So, you don’t have to take any stress at all. 

Clean Up Service

At the time the moving task is finished, a clean-up service is needed to get rid of all the wrappers, boxes and other stuff. Our workers make sure that before they leave the property, the clean all this mess for you. In short, there is no need for you to hire any other company for the clean-up or you don’t have to do it on your own. 

Qualified Workers For Commercial Move

At the time you hire us for the service, we send a worker to your office that is qualified. They know very well how to handle and pack all the tools. We like to share with our customers that we hire staff very carefully and train them well. We are not like those companies who make the team, when the client hires them for the service. As it is a way of working that is not safe at all. There is a high risk that things get damaged. It is something that for sure upset the customer, and we never want to upset our customers. 

Quality Material For The Packing Of The Products

The material that is needed to pack the office material is different from the material used to pack home goods. We arrange all different kinds of boxes, so we are able to pack files, computers and other equipment properly. In the boxes, we also use something to provide cushioning. It is a move that is made by us to provide an extra safety layer to the products. 

All Size Transport Vans

The vans are the key part of each commercial move. Sometimes, we have to transport a lot of things, and there are times when we have to move little things. It is the reason we have vans of all sizes. If the things are so many that it is not possible to fit them in a gigantic van, we prefer to take all the products in two rounds or arrange another van. It is the work that is also don’t by us, so as our client, there is no need for you to worry.

For A Commercial Move, We Make A Proper Plan!

It is important to handle the whole move in a proper manner. So, at the time the customer hires us for the service, we make a plan. The plan is made by our team, once they visit the location and see the situation on their own. The basic layover of the plan depends on the rooms and things. Mainly, if there are many rooms in the office, we start a move from a specific room and pack all the things room by room. It allows us to work without any confusion, and we are also able to make sure nothing is left behind. The plan made by our staff is also shared with you.

How Our Commercial Moving Service Saves Your Time And Money?

When you have to shift the office to a new place, there are so many things that you have to arrange. You have to deal with the business meetings on the phone. Your employees are also busy with their duties. In all this, if you have to handle the move on your own, things become hard. Either you will be able to move the office properly or be able to do the business dealings. Why take the chance when both things can happen perfectly at the same time? 

When you hire us for the service, the moving end is handled by us. You just have to tell us what you are expecting from us. What is the time limit we have to move all the things in the new office? Lastly, you have to tell us the budget; you are willing to spend. Once we get this information, it becomes easy for us to arrange things. We assure you that we will finish moving on time and will do everything in the budget. 

You are able to save your money with us because you don’t have to shut off your business completely because of relocation. You can focus on your tasks and will be able to do them properly. It means you will stay safe from the loss. Also, at the time our workers are working in your home, the chances that things got damaged end. So, there is no way that you will face any financial loss. 

Our Commercial Moving Service Is Insured!

The benefits you get from hiring our service didn’t end here, when you hire us for the service, you get insured service. It means if something went wrong, we cover the charges. There is a certain policy for this purpose, but we assure you that our policy is customer friendly.

 Our Service Is Pocket Friendly

We try our best to offer service at a price that is reasonable for the customer. So, again no need to worry about the charges. For the satisfaction of the customer, we also explain to them, why is the total so much? The price increases or decreases per man you hire for the service. The distance between the current office and the new office also affects the price. The size of the van is used for transportation, affecting the price too. 

The relocation service we offer is available at a fixed price. So, if due to some reason a delay happened, no need to worry that charges will increase. Before hiring our service, if you are looking for price estimation, come straight to us. There is no need to go somewhere else, as we provide this service too. 

The last thing we also like to make clear is that there is no need to worry that you might have to pay extra if your office is huge and things are little. You pay the amount according to work. 

Our Service Available 24/7

We know that it is hard for business persons to find time for relocation on weekdays. They prefer to move out on the weekend or at the time they are free. By keeping in mind this, we offer service to the customers seven days a week. So, plan your move any time of the day, we will come to serve you without asking any question. 

How To Book Our Service?

Booking our service is fairly easy. You can book our service by calling us at +971 50 979 4516, or you can also book us our service through our website. You just need to fill a short form for this purpose. But one thing we like to request from our customers is that please provide information in the right blank. Only then it became possible for us to tell you the right price estimation.

If you think it is not easy for you to remember all the things, better you make a list and then share it with us. 

If you are not confirming how many men you need for the moving service, you can ask from us. We will guide you, honestly.

 Other Suggestions!

It is better if you separate all the things that you need us to move and the things you want to move in the storage department and the things you don’t need. In this way, our staff will not disturb you again. 

If you want us to work in a specific manner, share your plan with our workers. They will hear to you calmly and will not give you any chance of complaint.

Hire MoversUp – Best Commercial Equipment Movers and Packers in Dubai, UAE

So, if you are looking for a commercial moving service, contact us today. You can hire us by dialing our number. If you have any questions related to our service you can email us at [email protected].  Our customer care staff is quiet, and they answer you back with no time. Also, we don’t mind even if you ask one question again and again. It is our duty to serve the customer, and we are proud to say, we do it well. If you want to visit our office for the service, you can.

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