Frequently Asked Questions

Yes , Off courses! We 're reassembling all of your furniture that we've moved.
If you just need help with big things like furniture, etc., then our budget package is good for you.
Yeah sure! All loose items are packaged and unpacked in both Standard Package and Premium Package.

We offer open body truks in our Budget Move package and closed body truks when you book Premium Move Package Standard.

Studio – 4-8 Hours, 1 Bedroom – 6-10 Hours, 2 Bedroom – 8-12 Hours, 3 Bedroom – 1-2 Days, 4 Bedroom – 1-2 Days, 5 Bedroom – 2-3 Days

Below are the minimum number of staff deployments to a home moving job.

 Apartment SizeBudget Move PackageStandard or Premium
Studio2 Helpers + 1 Installer2 Helpers + 1 Installer
1 Bedroom2 Helpers + 1 Installer3 Helpers + 1 Installer
2 Bedroom5 Helpers + 1 Installer7 Helpers + 1 Installer
3 Bedroom6 Helpers + 2 Installers7 Helpers + 2 Installers
4 Bedroom8 Helpers + 2 Installers10 Helpers + 2 Installers
5 Bedroom10 Helpers +2 Installers13 Helpers +2 Installers

Yes, we can deliver up to 5 medium boxes to our standard and premium users in advance of the day of travel. Additional boxes can be purchased on the basis of the following tariffs and delivery charges of AED 45: Medium boxes – 45x45x45 cms – AED 6 per box Large boxes – 45x45x70 cms – AED 8 per box No delivery charges will be imposed for standard and premium jobs if additional boxes are delivered along with scheduled box delivery.

Often when clients move within the same building, they don't need trucks, but sometimes longer drag-and - drop distances make use of trucks necessary. This can be confirmed for you by Customer Care.

Yes , Yes! We can share this with you on request. You may need it to apply for your permit.

The team member oversees and works with the helpers and installers, and could even be one of the professional installers and helpers or the driver.

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